Commemorative publication of “Sivajothi’s Personality” in memory of social activist V. Sivajothi! Commemoration of social activist Vaitheeswaran Sivajothi was held today [Sunday, March 7]. The event was jointly organized by the Kilinochchi-based People’s Thought Society and the Little Aid Organization.
The event featured the publication of a book entitled ‘The Personality of Sivajothi’ which commemorates Sivajothi’s life and social struggle. This memoir was published by Hamsakauri Sivajothi, the wife of social activist Sivajothi. Edition sponsorship for this book by Ya. The book was published by Hamsagauri Sivajothi, the wife of social activist Sivajothi, on behalf of the Aid Society in Little. The event was attended by social activists, school principals, art and literature activists, political figures, members of Little Aid, Amar Sivajothi’s school friends and political figures.

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