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June 2009 – Proposal from the government of Sri Lanka regarding Little Aid – Ambepussa Project
Jun 30, 2009

Rehabilitation of Ex-combatants/ Misguided Youth and Children –

Bureau of the Commissioner General of Rehabilitation (BCGR) is fully aware that Rehabilitation and Reintegration at the Protective Accommodation and Rehabilitation Centres (PARC) established by the BCGR is a multi-pronged process that seeks to re-mould an individual.  Firstly, our goal is to establish trust between the ‘trainees’ and the caring and concerned ‘staff’ and create an environment where the emphasis is to seize the opportunities emerging from the present situation as a stepping stone to a better future with least adverse impact from bitter past memories which hopefully time will help to heal.

Presently there are 3 PARC centres situated at Ambepussa, Welikanda and Tellippalai with another centre due to be established soon in Anuradhapura to accommodate the increase in the number of “trainees” being referred for rehabilitation.  The Government is currently busy in readying the required basic infrastructure.

Rehabilitation is to be implemented in compliance with the 5 Year Strategic Plan formulated by the Bureau of the Commissioner General of Rehabilitation.  The training envisages, inter alia, to impart catch–up-education and vocational training to provide the “trainees” with skills that will assist them to re-integrate themselves in to society and enable them to set themselves up in self employment, find meaningful employment or seek  opportunities to continue their education.  In the first instance the aim is to provide vocational training over a period varying between 3 -6 months depending on the course structures.

The BCGR has identified the following areas of education, vocational training and recreational activities as desirable basic areas to concentrate upon in the course of rehabilitation.

Catch –up-Education

  • Language skills – Tamil, English, Sinhalese
  • Basic mathematics
  • General Knowledge – history, geography, science

Vocational Education / Training

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical wiring
  • Welding and manufacturing
  • Repair workshop technicians – TV / Electronic appliance repairs, Refrigerators, Washing machines etc.
  • Auto repair mechanic
  • Carpentry/ Wood working
  • Building Construction – masons
  • Boiler Operation
  • Sewing / Lace making
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Hair Dressing – cutting, massaging etc.
  • Cooking /Baking
  • Rudiments of Book keeping  and Accounting

Therapeutic / Recreational Activities  and  Aesthetic Education – The activities given below are categorized thus as these activities enable self expression, help overcome inhibitions, enhance social interaction and help  release pent up stress through physical activity and creativity

  • sports,
  • music,
  • dancing,
  • drama
  • art


Workshop on Development of Positive Attitudes, Values, Leadership Qualities, Skills and Promotion of Non-violence -

Intensive interactive 5-day workshop to reinforce the concepts of a Sri Lankan identity, of unity in diversity, of social integration, development of social skills and seeking personal empowerment through education and development of individual talent and potential.

The GOSL is faced with the enormous task of providing for the day-to-day running costs of these PARC centres and despite our firm commitment to achieve optimal functioning of these centres there are several constraints.

Among them are –

  • Inability to find instructors in the above mentioned specializations in areas where the centres are located.
  • It is desirable for the instructors to be able to communicate in Tamil or alternatively the services of an instructor and that of a translator could be considered though this will involve additional expenditure.
  • Shortage of funds to supply the training programmes with necessary equipment, instruments, machinery where relevant and material for teaching and actual practice.
  • Expansion of infrastructure facilities to provide space to install equipment and machinery for certain courses.

Therefore, BCGR welcomes offers of assistance from NGOs, Institutions, interested groups or individuals that may have the requisite expertise in any of these fields.  Modes of assistance could be discussed with the BCGR.

  • Recruitment / volunteering to teach any identified course
  • Donation / Provision of equipment for any identified course
  • Donation / Provision of musical instruments
  • Donation/ Provision of sports equipment
  • Donations of books, magazines for the library