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November 2009 – Medicine Donation from Denmark to Sri Lanka via Little Aid
Nov 30, 2009

Communication :

Dear Dr. Bavani

I’ve been referred to you by Mr. Tarrin Constantine from Little Aid, United Kingdom.I am contacting you regarding a medicine donation to the IDP Camps in Vavuniya.

The organization “Medicine Without Borders” is in charge of the donation from Denmark, however I’ll be handling the practical things.

Generally regarding the donation, we need you to

1)      Meet the requirements set by WHO in storing the surplus medicines.

2)      That it is legal to bring these Medicines into Sri Lanka.

3)      Be available for “Medicine Without Borders” staff to do random checks at the place of operation.

4)      Make sure only aid workers works with the medicines.

5)      Destruct the rest of the medicines properly if you haven’t used it before expire date.


I have attached two lists with the medicines on storage and ready to be supplied (one with short expiry date and one with expiry more than a year). Please note the expiry date. We only want to donate medicines that you are sure will be used before expiry date. When you get back to me with what you can use, we are almost set to deliver the medicines.


When you reply me, please mention that you estimate it can be used before expiry date.

Furthermore, we kindly ask you to attend the delivery event.


The first donation already went through smoothly. We hope the medicines are usefull.

Please do not hesitate if you have any questions and thanks for your time.


Best Regards

Sugi Thiruchelvam

Download (XLS, 46KB)

Download (XLS, 46KB)