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Secured funding for our Little Aid Computer Centre
Oct 29, 2016

Dear All

I am pleased to advise that we have secured funding for our Little Aid Computer Centre in Thirunagar, Killinochchi. Funding is effective from 1st October 2016.  After various disappointments in the past, Mr T Jeyabalan managed to succeed with Think 2wice – a UK based registered charity. We are very grateful for Jeyabalan s grate achievement.

Jeyabalan was in negation with the Think 2wice since August and their local representatives in Sri Lanka monitored the operation. We are now planning restart the English and sewing classes which were terminated early this year due to lack of funding. Currently we are conducting the computer classes for the 8th batch. In total more than 500 students have completed the course at Little Aid Computer Centre.

Thank you

Tarrin Constantine

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